Sometimes you want to learn in the familiar environment of your own boat along with crew you know. I can teach you anything from a full RYA course to maybe just a day’s instruction focusing on your own requirements.

Cost: £240 per day (for a minimum of one day)

There may be an extra charge to cover my travel from Chichester and you will be responsible for feeding me while onboard. All costs associated with the running of the boat will be borne by the owner. Some basic equipment will be required for the vessel. Please contact me for further information.


I can offer competitive rates to deliver your yacht to anywhere in the world in preparation for your cruise. I’ll be happy to manage the whole process for you. Satellite tracking is available.

Cost: £240 per day/24h (for a minimum of three days).

This includes my First Mate and our food. Travel time is charged at 1/2 the daily rate. Travel expenses for me and my crew, fuel and harbour dues are at cost. If additional days in harbour are required due to mechanical failure or severe weather these are charged at 1/2 daily rate, but it is rare for this to be necessary.

It’s important that the vessel is prepared for the specific voyage including necessary charts and boat papers required for the jursidiction. On completion of the delivery the vessel will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared for your arrival. I prefer to hand over in person if possible but sometimes schedules won’t permit this.

Please contact me for further information.