Goodbye GGR, Hello World

Samuel Dunn’s 1794 General Map of the World or Terraqeuous Globe shows a Southern Ocean (but meaning what is today named the South Atlantic) and a Southern Icy Ocean.When asked why I want [...]

Keeping the show on the road

I wanted to write this about my old Peugeot 306. I bought it for £200 last November. I figured that keeping it going – managing without the heater (this had to be disconnected due to a [...]

Mass Observation

I saw my Dad a few days ago and he told me about Darcy Lange, from the New Zealand side of the family. He was photographer and film maker who came over to England and recorded life in factories [...]

Pedalling my wares at the boat show

In a recent blog by Zetteler I was called out as bonkers. It’ll come as no surprise that I get this a lot – and that was before I started funding my race with bottles of sweat! I [...]

A Voyage for Madmen

Peter Nichols book A Voyage for Madmen (Profile Books 2001) tells the story of all nine sailors in the original 1968 Sunday Times Golden Globe Race. Assuming his premise is correct – as an [...]

Where’s the money?

“Where’s the money?” I squealed. It was my first day on the job. But this time I was doing for free work that I had been paid for before. I was working as a volunteer. I was worrying if I could [...]