Labour Exchange Certificate scan gone
Labour Exchange - certificate of authenticity

Welcome to the Labour Exchange

Labour harvester in use
The Labour Harvester in use during trials

To raise funds for the GGR I am selling a series of personalised shares in a new enterprise called the Labour Exchange. Each unit of equity is called Une Heure. They consist of a bottle (a beautiful hand blown glass bottle) that contains 100ml of my sweat. This is collected by a special machine I have built – the Labour Harvester. The bottles are accompanied by a velum certificate and hardwood presentation box. Only one thousand are being produced.

To get my race boat, Black Sheep, ready for the sea trials this spring I must sell the first 250 bottles of Une Heure by the New Year. With a limited edition of only one thousand I am confident these objets de virtu will one day become collectors items.

Each bottle of Une Heure will also be joined by a signed section of canvas on my return from the GGR, cut from one my race sails.

The Labour Exchange is strictly commercial. This scheme is for pioneers – adventurers who can perceive that one day these will be artefacts of a unique story and valued as such. Each one takes a lot of work to produce. This isn’t for consideration by a companies charitable donation committee. It’s for organisations and individuals who are open minded and have the agility to take possession of these complex objects on their own terms. Their is an ugliness to them no doubt. This gives them grit. If you don’t like grit then go buy some perfume.

Une Heure
Une Heure, 100ml of my sweat