David Attenborough talks about the Golden Globe Race and the Labour Exchange!

 In Sailing

Well, allegorically anyway…

The Golden Globe Race is the longest persistence hunt ever devised. Like the San People’s hunt, our race is in two parts. The tracking – our preparation – then the next stage – the chase – the starting canons in Falmouth. It’s now a test of endurance. We must be relentless.

Perhaps the most ancient hunting technique of all. Our prey is our point of departure, but with the entire world in the way.

The human sweats, more so than any other animal. This is a crucial biological advantage. We can keep going through the midday heat. Another is the dexterity of our hands – enabling the early persistence hunters to carry water – and later, of course, to craft tools. Combined with language, cooperation and a vivid imagination, these five traits are what make us uniquely human.

Sweating, making things with our hands, the written word and community. The Labour Exchange contains of the building blocks of humanity. Imagination might be in there as well, but this is really provided by those pioneers who invest in them.




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